کُـلـمـــان KOLMAN - بزرگترین شکارچی زن قاتل حیوانات

تصاویری از Melissa Bachman یکی از بزرگترین شکارچی های زن قاتل حیوانات... I don't want to see

Bachman posted this photo on her Facebook page on Oct. 27: 'My first Alaska brown bear ... a beautiful and extremely blonde one to top it off!'

Bachman with another one of her kills from South Africa.

Burman, who started the Change.org petition against Bachman (pictured), said the hunter should not be granted access to South Africa's resources.

Television presenter and hunter Bachman poses with a dead warthog in the 'trophy room' section of her website.

A resident of South African started a petition to ban Bachman (pictured) from the country.

	Television presenter and hunter Melissa Bachman poses with a dead lion in a Nov. 1, 2013 picture on her Facebook page. Caption reads: Hunting at the Maroi Conservancy with an amazing PH, Julious Heyneke. If you're looking to book an African Safari contact Julious at Julious.heyneke@yahoo.com or checkout http://www.maroiconservancy.co.za/ � with Julious Heyneke.

Bachman's websites feature smiling photos of her next to slain animals.

Bachman shared this photo on her Facebook page of a zebra she killed in South Africa.

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